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Frequently asked questions and fees

Find out more about starting therapy, sessions and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions


Initial 15-minute free telephone or online consultation  

  • £55.00 Adults (1 hour)
  • £55.00 Children and Adolescents (45-1 hour)
  • £75.00 EMDR (1 hour)

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Why do people come for counselling?

Individuals may just need a confidential place to talk to someone who is impartial and work though what is troubling them. Counselling can help you make sense of why you feel the way you do, leading to an increased level of self-awareness, insight and healing. Perhaps you have noticed you are responding and reacting to certain situations that feels out of character, causing you to feel anxious, angry or sad. Sometimes people want specific help to manage their anxiety and/or low mood whereby, CBT has been recommended. For other people early life experiences, may still be influencing their life today, past relationships may have been problematic, neglectful or emotionally damaging or they experienced situations that were traumatic and are still being affected by these experiences or experience.  

What if I’m not sure what is causing my problem?

Many clients don’t know what is causing them to think or feel a certain way. My aim is to explore your current problems and concerns to help you gain more insight and awareness and gain a better understanding of why you feel the way you do. In that sense you don’t need to prepare for your sessions what needs to come out or be addressed will naturally surface.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on the reasons you have sought therapy; some clients can usually start to feel better after a few sessions. During the initial couple of sessions, I will carry out an assessment of your issues and together we will then decide what you would like to specifically address, how many sessions you can commit to, from there I can give you an estimate around how many sessions you might need.

Is everything I tell you confidential?

Confidentiality is strictly abided by. What we discuss in sessions will not be shared. I am however, obligated by law to share any concerns relating to the safety and well being of children and young people to the relevant authorities. Any concerns relating to the safety of other individuals if I think they may be at serious risk then I may need to break confidentially. I am also duty bound to share any involvement in criminal activity, including acts of terrorism and money laundering. If I am concerned about your safety, I will discuss this with you and how best to support you, any involvement needed from external agencies I will discuss this with you first. 

How often should I attend therapy?

I generally offer weekly sessions initially, more importantly for the best therapeutic outcome consistent attendance is key. If sessions are frequently missed or cancelled or more than 3 are missed in a row, I may not be able to keep offering you sessions.  

How can you help me? 

I use a range of different therapeutic approaches that I have trained in. I will then discuss with you, which approach or approaches I feel would be the most helpful for you.

Can I stop my sessions?

Yes, you can stop your sessions at any time, you are not contractually bound to attend a certain number of sessions, most clients get a sense of when they are ready to end therapy and together, we will work on an appropriate ending.

How best to contact me?

If you would like to get in touch it is best to send an email or text message, due to me not been able to take calls when I’m in sessions. I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours. I offer a free 15-minute consultation either over the phone or video call. This allows me to assess if I can help you, and for you to decide if I am the right person for you to work with.

How do I pay for my session?

I normally request sessions are paid for 24 hours before, through a bank transfer, if this is not possible fees are paid at the start of your session by a card reader or cash.

Can I cancel my session?

Yes, sessions can be cancelled, but if less than 48 hours’ notice is given and depending on the circumstances a cancellation fee will apply.

What happens in the first session?

 During your initial session, we look at what has brought you to therapy. I will listen carefully and also ask relevant questions to help understand and clarify what is going on for you. This first session is an opportunity to explore what you would like to get from therapy, what time frame you have in mind, and of course, if you would like to work with me. If you would like to proceed, we can then look at when we can meet – I offer weekly, 50-minute sessions both online and in person. My role is to work sensitively and attentively alongside you – listening, noticing what is happening with you and between us, using all my training, and intuition to reflect back what I pick up and to check this out with you. We will work together and at your pace. I’ll work with you to get a comprehensive understanding of your needs and utilise my skills and experience to find the right therapeutic approach, to help you get what you need.