Natalie Kynoch Psychotherapist


Natalie has been a brilliant counsellor for my teenage daughter.  My daughter is autistic, has ADHD and high anxiety. Last year her mental health deteriorated and she developed contamination OCD. By the end of the year, she was barely able to leave her bedroom and was so withdrawn and unhappy.  She started seeing Natalie in January.Six months on, my daughter is happy again, she is able to bake cakes, go for walks with family, go on shopping trips and has recently started going to a Rangers group.Natalie was so kind and gentle with her, helped her reduce her anxiety levels and overcome her OCD tendencies. Natalie did everything at my daughter's pace, adapted it to her individual needs and explained everything clearly so my daughter knew what to expect when they started Exposure Response Prevention Therapy.My daughter is in a much better place mentally now and although she will always have some degree of anxiety and be prone to OCD flare ups in times of stress, she now better understands how her brain works and using the techniques Natalie has taught her will hopefully have better mental health for the future.
Stratford Client aged 15

"I've suffered with PTSD due to childhood trauma for over 35 years and in the past I've been hospitalised and self-harmed. I've spent my adult life engaged in various therapies and counselling as I'm often "triggered" .

Earlier this year a trigger turned my world upside down and I was having frequent thoughts of suicide, and was self-harming both by burning and cutting myself. I'd heard of EDMR, I did some research and found Natalie.

We worked together on my traumas for about four months and I can honestly say it has been a life-changing experience for me. Despite being confronted with some difficult memories and emotions, I always felt safe and in control with Natalie, who guided and supported me with confidence and compassion. After my second appointment with Natalie I stopped self-harming and have not done it since. I stopped seeing Natalie because I'm in such a good space, but I know that her door is always open, should I need her..

Natalie has a gentle, calming energy (and voice) and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone suffering with unresolved trauma."

Client from Evesham, age 55

“I was nervous to try EMDR and wondered if it would work with the complex trauma I had experienced in my past. However, it was a transformative experience that has helped me immeasurably to reconnect with myself. Natalie was holding and supportive throughout, and the experience as a whole has helped me so much to feel more at peace.”

Client Evesham 2024

Thank you for the help and guidance you have given me this past year.
You've helped me recognise my negative thoughts and have shown me not to give them power.
Thanks to you, I feel as though I have overcome my bad thoughts and anxieties, and I can finally move on in my life. Thank you !

Student age 17 Solihull

I contacted Natalie in 2021 after my 16 Yr old daughter had struggled with several issues including parental relationships and severe anxiety.

She had been a little dismissive of counselling in the past but was feeling so bad that she was open to trying anything. After the first session she was comfortable opening up to Natalie and was keen for session 2 to happen.
Over the next few months I noticed a new sense of optimism and enthusiasm in my daughter which had sadly been lost. Natalie tactfully and sensitively coaxed her into exploring concepts and issues which would have previously remained unspoken. I noticed quickly a new confidence developing, very clearly as a result of Natalie's excellent work.
My daughter hasn't seen Natalie for several months now, as she feels so much better, but has stressed that if she needs to see her again she knows she can. And that is very reassuring for her.

Thanks so much Natalie. You literally saved my daughter from tipping over the edge. It was a close run thing but your timely intervention made such a massive difference to her life. I cannot recommend her enough!

Alex parent Coventry

Natalie is an experienced and well qualified therapist, possessing a natural and insightful empathy for her clients. Natalie provided me with wraparound care deploying an extensive range of therapies at her disposal including, for me, EMDR, Colour and Hypnotherapy. In a very brief time I have been equipped with lifelong strategies for self-care and am no longer burdened with shadows from trauma. I commend her to all folks of all ages, highly.

Bette Stratford on Avon

I really appreciate your help and genuinely feel like it’s had a positive impact in the way I’m feeling about those things that have been causing me a lot of stress over the years.